Our Only Love​/​Homeless Again

by Adam Bernstein



Recorded between 10/2011 and 4/2014 at AB Studios. Yes!

My musician friends guesting on this record are awesome, creative giants. I bask in their bright light.

Composed, arranged, produced, engineered by Adam Bernstein (with help from all the musicians!)

Homeless Again vocals arranged by Jim Boggia.

Mixed by Ben Cohen & Adam Bernstein

Mastered by Scott Anthony @ Storybook Sound

Album covers designed by Peter Steiner

Photo by Michelle Stella Riordan

All songs copyright 2014 Bu-Lee-Bu-Lee-Boo Music

All Rights Reserved.


released June 11, 2014

Our Only Love

Jack Petruzzelli – elec gtrs
Adam – ac gtrs, keyboards, elec bass, loops, vocals

Homeless Again

Jim Boggia- ac gtrs, ukulele, vocals
Eleanor Norton – cello
Adam - ac gtrs, keyboards, ac bass, loops, vocals



all rights reserved


Adam Bernstein Brooklyn, New York

"..regardless of format, AB is a brilliant tunesmith whose colorful vibes blind the shady music industry." - Home News

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Track Name: Our Only Love
Our Only Love

Do you remember when?
You held my hand in the dunk ‘n dip
Do you remember when?
You winked at me in the bagel store
You’d look me in the eye
You didn’t question why
That I couldn’t fly, I couldn’t fly
But you believed that I would try
You knew, that I was only longing
For my only love

Do you remember when?
You would beat me up in basketball
Do you remember when?
You would laugh when I would call
You’d laugh at how I walked
And sang Hare Krishna
I couldn’t fly, I couldn’t fly
But you believed I would try
You knew, that you were only longing
For your only love

Do you remember, when we knew
In the Colony staircase, I gave my heart to you

Do you remember when?
Yesterday and our sweet kiss
Do you remember when
Time just stopped when we kissed
You can’t believe its true
That fortunes come to me and you
Cause there was a time, we couldn’t fly
But you believed that we would try
You knew that we were finally living
For our only love
Track Name: Homeless Again
Homeless Again

You gave me life, you gave me pain
With all that I own I walk through the rain

I sit and stare, I shadow the sun
My heart stripped bare by all I have done

Everybody knows me
They see the way that I am
Everyone can be like they’re lost
No warmth detected only frost
Homeless again, you’re homeless again

Cigarettes cost, so much these days
In heaven I hear they give them away

The city is fine I heard it on TV
So don’t ask for much, you’ll get what you need


I guess I’m ok, I framed my dream
I keep it here with me

I guess I’m OK, with all I’ve seen
I keep it close to me

So you gave me life, on that I am clear
Yesterdays gone, but today I am here